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FDCMuck Backstage

The backstage area is a set of WWW pages designed for the FDC mucker. They include tutorials, FAQs and reference material. Each of the sections below lists documents which may be useful for players with varying degrees of Muck background. Everyone has a PLAYER flag, so that information will be relevant to everyone. All permanent characters have a BUILDER flag; if you are intending to build rooms or objects this information is for you. If you are proficient at programming you may apply for a MUCKER bit; the documentation here describes some of the reference material you will find helpful.

For the Player

date (by Ariel)
Local time for you and other players.
easter (by Ariel)
Print the date of Easter Sunday.
events (by Ariel)
Calendar of events.
private (by Ariel)
Examine and set player privacy.
setnick (by VP_Imagineer)
Set your character's nickname.
setsex (by Ariel)
Set your character's gender.
uwho (by Ariel)
Customise your list of connected players.

For the Builder

Object Basics (by Ariel)
An introduction to objects, and how to make them work for you.
Object/Action Trickery (by Ariel)
More information about using actions to make objects do fun things.
Guest Speaker (by Ariel)
Speak on behalf of someone else.

For the Mucker

List of macros
An annotated listing of macros defined for the Muck.
da.bitlib.muf (by Ariel)
Library of bitwise functions.
da.heapsort.muf (by Ariel)
Sort a list, using the heapsort algorithm.
da.parsetime.muf (by Ariel)
Turn "8:30 pm Tuesday" into a system-representible time.
da.timelib.muf (by Ariel)
Library of time functions.