easter; da.easter.muf - print the date on which Easter Sunday falls.


easter year


easter is a MUF program which calculates and prints the date of Easter Sunday in any year in the Gregorian calendar.

easter expects a single number as its argument stating the year to calculate easter for. The year must be at least 1583 (the first year for which Easter occurs in the Gregorian Calendar). The century must be included.

The algorithm used to calculate the date of Easter was taken from Practical Astronomy with your Calculator, by Peter Duffett-Smith.


To get the date of Easter in 1996, type
    easter 1996
The program returns the result, April 7.


The program only calculates Easter Sunday, not the other feasts which depend on it. For reference, you can move the result by the following number of days and get the other feasts.


Deborah Pickett (<Ariel> on FDCMuck).