private; da.private.muf - set and examine privacy



private is a program which sets and examines the _private property on a player or room. When this property contains the string "yes", other players will not be able to determine your location on the Muck. If the room you are in is set in this way, then you are implicitly private. Thus if personal or room privacy, or both, are set, you will be unlocateable to others.

To examine your own privacy status, type

and your personal and room privacy is printed. To see the privacy status of any other player on the Muck (they don't need to be online), follow private with the name of the player. For instance, to see if Ariel is private, type:
private Ariel

To turn on or off your personal privacy, type

private -on
private -off
To turn on or off the privacy of the current room, type
private -on here
private -off here
(The "here" is actually part of the command and you cannot substitute the room name or dbref.) private will not set the privacy of rooms other than the one you are in. You cannot change the privacy status of a room you don't own.


This room doesn't belong to you.
You are not the owner of the room, and so you cannot change the room's privacy status.
Player's privacy is questionable. _private property is not "yes".
Privacy is only guaranteed if the _private property contains the string "yes". If it contains other text some programs may not honour your privacy.


Some programs are not yet aware of room privacy.


Deborah Pickett (<Ariel> on FDCMuck).