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Welcome to FDCMuck! If you would like to join our community, please follow these steps:

1 If you have not already explored our site as a guest character, please apply for a guest passport. We require that you explore the Muck with a guest character before we can approve a permanent character for you.
2 Please look over the Character Roster to make sure the character name you request isn't a duplicate.
3 Please read the Acceptable Use Policy. If you can not accept any part of it or if you have questions about it, please ask the Casting Director (
4 If you've completed the steps above, then please fill out the form below to give us the information me need to grant you a permanent character. If your application is incomplete, it will be returned to you. Any information you provide will only be accessible by FDCMuck administrators, and will not be released for any reason without your consent.

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Your (first choice) character's gender:
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The guest character(s) you used to explore FDCMuck:
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The following questions will help us welcome you to our community, and give us some feedback about how you got here. You don't have to answer them, but we'd like it if you did!