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This form allows you to request an FDCMuck guest passport directly through the Web. Submit the form below, and within minutes you should get an email reply giving you your guest character name (of the form "g.requested-name", so if you ask for "Mickey" you'll get "g.Mickey"). The email will also give you your guest password, instructions about how to log on to FDCMuck, and other information about our site.

You can use your guest character until your passport expires in seven days, at which time you must either obtain a new passport for your guest character or apply for a permanent character.

You must read the Acceptable Use Policy and check the checkbox below to indicate that you agree to it before you may have a character.

Your complete email address:
Character name:
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Check this checkbox to indicate
that you have read and agree to the
Acceptable Use Policy.

Thank you for your interest in FDCMuck. We hope to see you there soon!

An acknowledgement email should be sent to you within a few minutes if your guest application was processed properly. If you don't receive it within a day or so, you may have typed your email address wrong or there might be some other problem. Send email to our Casting Director ( for help.

After you receive your guest character, refer to the Guest Cheatsheet for tips on what to do after you log on.

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