FDC Muck Newbie Help Sheet, version 1.02 [Guests], by Steve Pagano "Zazu"

This is a short "cheat sheet" for you, so that you have most of the basic commands for FDC Muck in front of you. Please print this sheet, and have it with you while you are new to the Muck. When you enter commands, don't use any of the single quotes ('), and replace by a player's name, and so forth. For example, look at the line below, under Communicating, about paging. Suppose your name is g.Mickey, and you're in (for example) Main Street, and you want to page a message to Zazu. If you type
	page zazu=Hi there!
then Zazu would see the message
	g.Mickey pages from Main Street(#237RLM): Hi there!
No matter where on the Muck Zazu was.

* Be polite to people in general.
*** PAGE the owner of a room BEFORE you jump to that room.
* Whomever owns the room, makes the rules for that room.

* 'find' will give you a list of all people currently connected.
* 'find ' will find that person for you.

* 'exits' gives you a list of all exits out of a room.
* If [Ga]rden is an exit, then typing 'ga' alone will take you to the garden.
* 'jump ' teleports you to that person.
* 'jump ' takes you to that room.
* 'zap me' or 'gohome' will take you to your home room (which for all guest characters is Player Start (#100)).

* 'say ' tells your message to all other character in the room.
* 'whisper = ' tells only that person your message, if you're both in the same room.
* 'page = ' tells only that person your message, no matter where you both are.
* 'pose ' lets you do some acting. If you're g.Mickey, and you type 'pose waves!', then everyone in the room with you sees 'g.Mickey waves!'.
* 'say' can be replaced by the " symbol, and 'pose' can be replaced by the : symbol.
* type 'flash' for a list of Muck-related news flashes.

* 'look' alone shows you the contents of the room you're in.
* 'look ' shows you the description of that thing.
* 'get ' lets you pick that thing up.
* 'inv' shows you all the things you're carrying.
* 'drop ' drops that item, if you're carrying it.
* 'exa ' tells you who owns the thing.
* Words typed in single quotes are given as clues in descriptions. Try typing what's in the quotes, and see what happens!

* Ask nicely and pretty much anyone will help you out.
* 'wiz' gives you a list of the Muck Staff. Hosts are especially good at helping people. For other "support options", type 'hosts' or 'vol'.
* 'help' is a good place for getting info/help.
* 'help ' or ' -help' often gives you some help on that subject.

© 1996 RecArts Communications and Steve Pagano