administrative positions FDCMuck

This is a description of the roles of the people who keep FDCMuck running smoothly. There are three groups of people involved in the day-to-day operation of the muck:

princesses administrators
Arnold Tang (roy) and Olivia Williamson (O) own RecArts Communications as well as princesses, which is the computer that the muck runs on. They have access to the power switch and the root password. Therefore, they are the final say in all matters on FDCMuck. They usually ask for and follow advice given to them by the other administrators on the muck, but are in no way bound to accept that advice. These positions are not elected in any way.
wizard staff
These players are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the muck. They make decisions about policy and attempt to keep the muck operating in a stable way, both physically (by restarting it after a crash) and emotionally (by settling major disputes between players). They are also responsible for creating new characters and recycling no-longer-used ones, inspecting building and linking it to the main thoroughfares, maintaining the code that keeps the muck operational, maintaining the web and ftp sites where people can find more information about the muck, and dealing with any other problems which require an administrative decision. Wizards are generally chosen by public election as the need arises.
host staff
These players serve as assistants to the wizard staff, and as liaisons between other players and the wizard staff. They are familiar with the policies and procedures of the muck and they can answer many of the questions that arise in this area. They also bring player concerns to the wizzes, especially the concerns of those who feel uncomfortable directly approaching the wizard staff for any reason. Hosts are generally chosen by public election as the need arises.

wizard descriptions

casting director: Sarabi
The Casting Director receives guest and permanent character applications, checks them for completeness and appropriateness, creates new characters, helps new players get started, and updates the main character roster. She also @toads characters when they time out, removes guest characters once their passes expire, and recycles objects owned by timed-out characters. The Casting Director is probably the only wizard with whom every player on the muck will have some sort of contact.
web and ftp maintenance: Demona
This wizard is responsible for making sure that FDCMuck's web and ftp sites are kept current, useful, and looking good. He works closely with other wizards as necessary to keep any other information on the web server about their activities up-to-date.
player relations liason: Cubbi
This wizard oversees the Host program. He/she brings the concerns of the host staff to the wiz team and keeps the hosts aware of decisions made by the wizzes during their meetings. The host wiz serves as a host, but is also a wiz, and therefore has the authority to make administrative decisions when necessary. Any disputes which require wiz intervention will first go to this representative. This wizard is also responsible for new player/guest character questions and relations. Part of this position involves raising player and host concerns to the wizard staff. This player also oversees the Traditions classes which are conducted by teams comprised of Wizards and Hosts.
building director: Toby
This position is concerned mainly with the inspection of things being built on the muck. As a part of this job, the building director must ensure that a given creation falls within guidelines set by the FDCMuck administration. Additionally, the building director works to uphold and encourage the overall quality of FDCMuck.
base code wiz: Gusto
The base code wiz is responsible for maintaining the base code of the server and making changes to it when necessary.
muf code wiz: Max
Primarily oversees the players who have "M" bits and controls access to ProgWiz (the character created to be the owner of all the muck's programs) as well as the distribution of the "M" bits, which allow players to write programs.

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